Работа судостроительных компаний выходит на новый уровень

How to survive the downturn and take advantage of a market recovery. 

Use 3D Laser scanning technology to increase your project speed and efficiency to enable competitive tendering and grow profit margins.


With global competition increasing and costs rising, ship owners are looking for shipyards that can deliver fast, accurate and cost-effective refit, retrofit and conversion projects.

Technology such as laser scanning and 3D modelling is modernizing shipyard operations. Shipyards that can deliver projects faster, more accurately and cost-efficiently are more likely to survive the downturn and take advantage of a market recovery.

Want to achieve unprecedented efficiencies? Download the Laser Focused white paper and gain insight on the use of laser scanning in shipbuilding. Find out: 

  • Why traditional ways of working are no longer sustainable
  • How technology holds the key to achieving efficiency in any refit, retrofit and conversion project
  • How you can avoid project re-work by efficiently capturing accurate and up-to-date data of the vessel’s as-is condition


Deliver fast, accurate and cost-efficient retrofit and conversion projects by using laser scanning technology.



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