Iran world conference

30th October | Evin Hotel, Tehran, Iran


Attend this event to meet your AVEVA team and fellow colleagues from the industry. Join us to learn how you can improve efficiency levels, through your design process and projects execution with AVEVA solutions.


This event will focus on AVEVA solution for engineering, design, procurement and construction, as well as data management, with technology sessions and customers testimonies. We’ll prove how our software – AVEVA Engineering, AVEVA Diagrams, AVEVA Electrical, AVEVA Instrumentation, AVEVA BoCAD, AVEVA E3D (PDMS), AVEVA ERM, AVEVA Net… can help you work smarter and faster, without having to comprise on quality.


The seminar will be of interest to engineering and design companies as well as EPC's, OO's or NOC’s.

9am > 5pm : full agenda confirmed on Registration.






Julien De Beer - Senior Vice President – Engineering Design Solutions
Paul Albar – Head of sales EPC & Marine
David Huaulmé - Senior Technical Sales Specialist
Roberto Carlini – Senior Technical Sales Specialist
Revant Kommanapalli - Senior Application Consultant – Fabrication Division

100% Official AVEVA event > 

Empowering our customers

This is the first official AVEVA event in Iran for many years, we welcome the opportunity to show you how solutions like PDMS have evolved into E3D and our unique approach to the DIgitisation of assets tha empowers our customers.

  • Be inspired, network with digital peers
  • Learn new skills from the specialists
  • Drive Change with AVEVA Technology Isolutions



This event is in asscoiation with our agent in Iran > Etook Rayan Ind. Grp




Event registration is now closed.

To secure a place please contact


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