Do you dream of delivering vessels ahead of schedule?

Oceana Shipyard used integrated processes to get ahead of schedule. Discover how their lessons can enhance your business.

 We chose AVEVA ERM mainly because it was built for shipbuilders. This made it faster for us to put in place since it required almost no customisation. It integrated seamlessly with our SAP planning systems, offering all-round capabilities, where all our technologies were working towards the same goals and no specialist knowledge was required to switch from one to the other.” 

Juliano Pamplona, Head of Planning, Oceana Shipyard.


Could efficient ship production tools help you to reduce project costs and delivery time?

Streamline your production processes with an integrated resource management solution.

Part of the CBO Group, Oceana shipyard began operations in 2014. AVEVA ERM solution enabled the yard’s different departments to work seamlessly together. Oceana delivered their first vessel on time; their second was two months ahead of schedule.

An independent study* of the shipbuilding market showed that Oceana now leads the market in production times. They say this is due to AVEVA ERM.


*Study focused on AHTS and OSV production times in Brazil


AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) is an integrated suite of applications that supports the entire production process.

Would you like to learn more about how AVEVA ERM can help you? Contact us to discover how AVEVA can help you.

Download Oceana Shipyard Case Study 

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