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Save up to 40% design time by migrating to AVEVA E3D

Save up to 40% in design time and benefit from more accurate and timely data with AVEVA E3D

In the complex plant industry, you need accessible, timely, accurate data to make the right decisions and deliver your projects on time and within budget.

AVEVA PDMS used to be the best software in the market to help you design your plant assets accurately and efficiently. Now AVEVA E3D, with its integrated laser scan capabilities, can help you to manage diverse but integrated work flows and save overall design time.

As a valued customer, we have created a complimentary infographic that shows the time savings and efficiency benefits of using AVEVA E3D.


Discover how Global EPC company Atkins cut delivery times by 40% using this new platform. The article “Staying out in front” tells the story and offers lessons for others considering making the change. 

Discover the efficiency savings AVEVA E3D offers you

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AVEVA PDMS to AVEVA E3D Infographic


What could migration mean to your business?

Our experts are ready to discuss the options available to you and how AVEVA E3D could help your specific business needs.




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