Save up to 40% design time by migrating to AVEVA E3D

Gain 30% operating efficiency

Plant operations are becoming ever more sophisticated with multiple different processes and technologies integrating within a single asset. This makes them more challenging to design, build and operate. At the same time the low oil price has tightened margins, forcing companies to try to find savings in their operating processes and procedures.

As users of AVEVA PDMS, Norwegian engineering, procurement and contracting company Apply Sørco invested in additional software for drawing, laser scanning and support. But with little integration between the different platforms, this only added time and cost to their project delivery process.

This is why Apply Sørco decided to invest in the AVEVA E3D platform. The open-source technology and customised tools enabled them to unite all their data on a single platform, providing a complete overview of their operations. The net result was a 30% efficiency gain.

Tell us about the challenges you face and read Apply Sørco’s story now. 

Apply Sorco_Case Study (002).jpg
What is your biggest concern when delivering modern plant projects?

What is your biggest concern when delivering modern plant projects?


What could migration mean to your business?

Our experts are ready to discuss the options available to you and how AVEVA E3D could help your specific business needs.




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