The success of any Brownfield operation relies on engineers having quick and easy access to reliable asset data. Nevertheless, engineers often have to rely on a myriad of information sources, which are not only time consuming to find, but, more often than not, are inaccurate.

  • Can you access critical information on your assets within 3 minutes?

  • Do you have total trust in the accuracy of your data?

  • Are your teams spending more time searching for information rather than working with it?

The white paper will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the five different levels of asset Information Management
  • Guidelines and recommendations and then how to improve from minimum to optimal levels
  • How to minimise HSE and non-compliance risks without impacting project efficiencies

Download the white paper now.

Happy reading!


test 4.png

3 minutes

or less should be your target time to access all your engineering information on any project


this is your confidence level when you reach level five  on our information maturity model
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