Digitalisation in DOWNSTREAM Oil & Gas

Discover how digitalisation is driving profitability in oil refining and natural gas processing

Is your organisation ready to embrace the opportunities of digitalisation?

The era of ultra-low feedstock prices may be coming to an end. Downstream energy businesses are exploring how digital tools and data-centric operating practices can drive higher asset utilisation across their portfolios.  

AVEVA's latest complimentary report, in association with Westwood Global Energy Group, builds on direct insight from senior executives in refineries and gas processing plants. Understand what the world’s leading businesses are doing to digitalise their operations today. Explore their views on whether digital holds the key to greater downstream profitability in the long term.

Key features of the report:

  • Oil refining & natural gas processing maintenance spend outlook by region to 2022
  • Oil refining & natural gas processing capacity by region to 2022
  • Direct insight from downstream oil & gas executives on the secrets of successful digitalisation
  • Three steps for successful digitalisation in the downstream sector.


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